Hello, my name is Shobha Vaishnav, and today I am going to write about Search Engine Optimization or also known as “SEO”. So, what is SEO really? Well SEO is the technique of strategy placing your websites content to rank higher with in the pages of the search results. See major search engines such as ‘Google’ or Bing has certain rules and regulations to follow to be able to get page ranks also called “PRs”.

When you type in let’s say the word “SUV” into a search engine like Google you hit search then all kinds of relevant information come up usually towards the top of the results page is paid ads and as you scroll down you see different local dealerships and other results related to SUV. See the way that it all works is, A major search engine has what they call a crawler. The crawler gets sent out then the crawler starts collecting all the content that’s on the web.

Determining your keyword placement, content placement, and all your meta tags and what not is what decides your PRs. If your website content is easy to read and understand you should get a decent page rank. After the crawler collects the content it takes it back to the search engine that it belongs to, then feeds all the content into an Algorithm to get indexed. See there are so many SEO formulas that consultants swear by but really no one has the perfect formula for SEO.

Always integrate keywords into your content. Like your descriptions and anything else that you can think of. 4 to 10 keywords max no more than ten because if you did happen to put more than 10 keywords they might say that your keyword stuffing. Also linking to other high-ranking websites helps your rank as well. When you link to other pages or websites, the practice is known as back linking.

Meta tags are good to include as well. Even know it doesn’t require to place Meta Tags with in your website. If you do use Meta Tags that could help your PRs tremendously. After your done with the website always include a sitemap. See a sitemap makes it a whole lot easier for the Web Crawler to collect and crawl your website. Well that is my brief little insight about Search Engine Optimization.

Thank you for reading.